Friday, 21 August 2015

My first blog ever - as a 32 year old internet dweller

So... who what when where how and why? These are the basic questions that should be asked in every situation, and for the forsaken few who have stumbled across my blog and are actually taking the time to read what I'm saying (I don't) I shall endeavour to be as concise as possible.


Who am I?

Who cares really... you don't need to identify who I am, or set criteria to understand where I'm coming from and how to understand me. Fuck you and your need to label. My reason for starting this blog is absolutely and completely and utterly selfish.

I really don't care if you read what I type.

What I do care about: that I type this stuff out rather than keeping it in.

Who are you? Who is my target audience and all the others potential who questions other than myself which I have absolutely no control or certainty of. Go figure it out. C'est la vie. Good luck to your in your mission. Asshole.


What will I blog about?
I'm here to rant. I just replaced an entire paragraph with those 4 words. other than that, I have no preconceived notions, expectations or standards to follow when it comes to blogging. Here you will receive the raw and often unedited crap that I feel inclined to offload from my mental state in order to maintain a certain level of sanity.... This is what the world has come to.

What will you rant about?
Anything and everything and whatever is most 'grinding my gears' at the time I feel most compelled to write about it.


Whenever I feel like it, or the mood compels me :)

usually right on my butt right here where I am right now and while I don't mind divulging that information; if you were on a need to know basis you'd know where I'd be referring to, and if you were on a really good basis with me you'd even know what the ass looks like upon which I am sitting.

"Regardless of your power or knowledge or resources you are not privy to certain information. You have no right to it unless it is divulged or supplied in a willing fashion." - This is a key point that everyone needs to acknowledge and respect, if there is ever going to be any progress in this world within the capacity as a global community.

With my fingers and brain and stuff folks... come on... this isn't rocket science. I'll be using a computer and keyboard and via my web browser and struggling with typing quickly enough and spelling correctly and re-reading to make sure I'm making sense (Not all the time).

Bear with me and share with me my frustrations of life... the universe and everything.

If you have any questions or complaints or compliments or anything like that. Don't tell me.... tell your friends, work up a conversation with a new person. I've got a lot to think about and a lot to say, so yeah... you're welcome to tell me but the chances of me getting back to you are truthfully very slim to none, although I encourage you to try. Also, if you got nothing good to say, Fuck off, and go project your own insecurities elsewhere and leave me in peace to deal with mine, thank you very much.

If at any point, something I have written offends you, then... Good.

It's not my intention to offend anybody, as I stated earlier (in this very same blog), I'm doing this for purely selfish reasons. So again, I'll say, if anything on my blog with regards to future content would offend you. Please do not hesitate to contact me to receive your congratulatory and sarcastic round of applause. Well fucking done.

Also if you would feel so inclined to try and offend me with 'whatevers', please understand that when I think about the rest of the world there's so many of you fuckers out there it would be futile for me to be concerned about anybody else's opinion other than those people in my life who are important to me.

Because this has always been one of my favourite questions, this is the time in this blog where I'll get deep and real with you all...

Why am I venting about my frustrations and disillusionments as an earthling?

*Ponderous Pause*

I've never considered myself one to complain, nor do I encourage others to complain; venting - yes, sharing - sure... but complaining about something without either wanting a solution or having a solution in mind is really just futile and, to others, a rather annoying habit for someone to take up. Yet, we now live in a society that has social trends which seem to lean towards encouraging complaining, or combating ill behaviour with active passive protests. I decided against adding specific examples in brackets (not yet)... However right now I'm trying to lay down an understanding with my potential and future readers before the rant begins.

So again there's a need to ask the question again:

Why am I venting about my frustrations and disillusionments as an earthling?

Because I feel stuck as an individual about what to do. My skills range from thinking to drawing to making art and designing. I understand computers easier than I understand people, the more I've gotten to know and understand the nature of other people, the more I long for secluded and hermit like lifestyles not having to put up with them on a daily basis. We're all, quite simply, full of shit. Regardless of this I have endless amount of hope in the human race and the potential that each person has in themselves to make a difference.

Because everyone wants to be accepted and respected for the individual, cultural, religious, or other niche they represent so much so they're willing to go to all kinds of lengths, yet hardly consider openly and completely respecting others for their unique oddities. Or the ever more dangerous alternative behaviour which is to respect some differences in others but not all or applying a type of hierarchy system to the level of respect you supply to various differences within individuals and/or groups.

Oh just so by the way, I'm a non-conformist. I appreciate as well as encourage individualism on all levels, but draw the line when someone wants to use it to bring about negative results, or force their beliefs upon others. ie. I don't mind you being vegetarian as long as you don't mind me exercising my rights as an omnivore to diversify my diet to it's fullest potential in order to ensure an overall healthy tolerance to most edible things out there; dangerous or otherwise. PS. You don't have to watch me eat the things you choose not to, and you most certainly don't need to pull a face about it while I ingest the nutrients from my preferred sources.

So welcome to the rant of the disillusioned earthling and please enjoy your stay, you're welcome to leave any time, and you're also welcome to stay. Please bear in mind that, like most of you, there's plenty of things that need doing in order for me to enjoy life, pay bills, remain partially sane (at least on the outside) and keeping consistent within my behaviour and lifestyle.

Let's see if this rant gets interesting enough for me to adapt my lifestyle to better accommodate it.

Good luck to us all, we fucking need it!